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    Basic Terms and Conditions,

    1. All details should be mentioned on form, we will not be responsible for any error or missing details in the order in case the details are not in the form.
    2. This order form should be placed after finialising the terms and stock with our representative through Phone Call, Whatsapp or Any other Soical media platform
    3. Order confirmation SMS OR EMAIL is sent on the above information, do confirm the details as our team wont be responsible, if the information provided is wrong  or SMS/Email is not received, please contact our support
    4. In case of shipping, additional shippment charges will be added to the order invoice after calling.
    5. Addons are purchased from Third Party and Zohaib Hassan is not liable for its quality at all.
    6. We can send pictures of order before or after it is ready.
    7. We do not commit 100% replication of designs and slight variations do occur due to technical limitations.
    8. If you are in restricted area or country, then you will be facing an unfortunate delayed delivery.